Taking Contracts in the Cogs

3: Truthseeker and Righteous Pillar

Descending into the temple of the Dark Six, the group came under fire from alchemical weapons and the dark wind generated by Truthseeker, which threatened to push them back into the crossbow turrets outside. They fought through the opposition, finding Garrick and sending him back to Sharn.

In the heart of the temple, they faced Righteous Pillar. Truthseeker teleported from place to place, channeling the powers of the Dark Six, turning the sloth, greed, and rage of the world against the group. Through creative thinking, they turned the temple against the Six, changing it from a symbol of corruption to a symbol of civilization. As his wards fell, the group brought Righteous Pillar down, and Truthseeker escaped with a warning: “We are the blade, he is the fist.”

Righteous Pillar spoke poison with his dying breath, declaring that humanity is weak, corrupt, and easily tempted, and deserves the Dark Six. Living creatures, born without purpose, are quick to hope for good and easily swayed to evil. Those who were made, not born, have a purpose to life, and purpose is what allows civilization to thrive. It is thus the fate of humanity to be removed from Eberron, and for a new Warforged empire to wage peace and civilized war in their place. With that, he died.

Returning to Sharn, they met with Garrick, who declared that he was done. His efforts to make a decent living in Sharn had ended with him knocked out, his ceiling destroyed, and his office ransacked. If the group was willing to take on the work, the repairs, and the reasonable debt, then the mercenary company was theirs.

Experience Earned: 1000, just enough for level 2.

Overall treasure for this level:
Wildrunners (Feet)
Harp of Deeper Slumber (Wondrous)
357 GP
2 Potions of Healing
Alchemical Formula for Blastpatch
100 GP of Alchemical Reagents (Arcana rituals)
50 GP of Sanctified Incense (Religion rituals)



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