Taking Contracts in the Cogs

1: Noise Complaint

Five out-of-work heroes gathered at Garrick’s Guards for Hire in the Cogs of Sharn. Looking for a way to get them out of his hair, Garrick sent them on an errand to quiet his noisy upstairs neighbor.
The upstairs neighbor was a warforged tinkerer, Boiler. They dealt with his constructs, and discovered an alchemical explosive under a table, which detonated, blowing a hole in the floor of the lab and the roof of Garrick’s guild hall.
Enraged, Garrick demanded that the group finish the job by figuring out who Boiler was working with and finding who was really responsible for the hole in his roof. After it became clear that Garrick wouldn’t part with any further gold for the task, they went out into Sharn.
Investigation led them to a buried furnace room beneath a weaponsmith’s. There, they confronted a fiery warforged in the heat of the enraged furnace, as well as scurrying kruthik young gnawing at them. Finally quieting the warforged and the furnace, they found incomplete experiments in flame weaponry, as well as carts designed for moving finished pieces somewhere – most likely out of the city.
They’ve stumbled across two powerful pieces of siege equipment, but aren’t any closer to learning who is organizing this, or what they’re planning to do with it.

Harp of Deeper Slumber (level 3): Causes massive drowsiness for a few seconds.
43 GP from the elemental in the bakery.



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