Taking Contracts in the Cogs

3: Truthseeker and Righteous Pillar

Descending into the temple of the Dark Six, the group came under fire from alchemical weapons and the dark wind generated by Truthseeker, which threatened to push them back into the crossbow turrets outside. They fought through the opposition, finding Garrick and sending him back to Sharn.

In the heart of the temple, they faced Righteous Pillar. Truthseeker teleported from place to place, channeling the powers of the Dark Six, turning the sloth, greed, and rage of the world against the group. Through creative thinking, they turned the temple against the Six, changing it from a symbol of corruption to a symbol of civilization. As his wards fell, the group brought Righteous Pillar down, and Truthseeker escaped with a warning: “We are the blade, he is the fist.”

Righteous Pillar spoke poison with his dying breath, declaring that humanity is weak, corrupt, and easily tempted, and deserves the Dark Six. Living creatures, born without purpose, are quick to hope for good and easily swayed to evil. Those who were made, not born, have a purpose to life, and purpose is what allows civilization to thrive. It is thus the fate of humanity to be removed from Eberron, and for a new Warforged empire to wage peace and civilized war in their place. With that, he died.

Returning to Sharn, they met with Garrick, who declared that he was done. His efforts to make a decent living in Sharn had ended with him knocked out, his ceiling destroyed, and his office ransacked. If the group was willing to take on the work, the repairs, and the reasonable debt, then the mercenary company was theirs.

Experience Earned: 1000, just enough for level 2.

Overall treasure for this level:
Wildrunners (Feet)
Harp of Deeper Slumber (Wondrous)
357 GP
2 Potions of Healing
Alchemical Formula for Blastpatch
100 GP of Alchemical Reagents (Arcana rituals)
50 GP of Sanctified Incense (Religion rituals)

2: To the Temple of the Dark Six

Returning to Garrick’s from the forge under the weaponsmith’s, the group found their path blocked by a burly warforged. He stood, battle-ready, and simply demanded they take a detour and go around. After some debate, the group finally decided to press forward and engage the warforged. At the same time, the magical effect coursing through the warforged’s body reached a climax, and spirits of filth and smog started materializing out of the stench of the undercity. But it didn’t take long before the warforged was subdued.

Returning to Garrick’s, they found the place trashed. Two Deneith guardsmen told them that Garrick’s place had been trashed, and Garrick was gone. They also offered to take the warforged, in exchange for the 200 GP bounty on his head.

Searching Garrick’s, they found a small box under a floorboard. Inside was their original contract, the 180 GP payment they were owed, and a memory crystal. Upon tapping the crystal, they heard the recording held within, between Garrick, the warforged leader Righteous Pillar, and someone named Truthseeker. Truthseeker could tell when Garrick was lying, but the old man told a cunning series of half-truths. It was true, as he said, that he never asked the group to confront Boiler or find the alchemy upstairs – he just asked them to stop the noise. Likewise, he never asked for them to hunt down the other warforged or investigate further – he just told them to finish the original job. With Truthseeker insisting that Garrick was telling the truth, Righteous Pillar refrained from executing him outright, and simply took him to the ‘Temple of the Dark Ones.’

Investigating further, Ishara spoke to a paladin of the Silver Flame, getting his tale of traveling near Sharn and clearing out the temples of the Dark Six. The group identified one temple likely to be the enemy hideout, and set out.

As they approached, they found a clearing, and Boiler waiting there for them. He had obligations, he said, and he had warned the enemy that they were coming. But he appreciated their fairness, and so he was also being fair, and warning them that the enemy was prepared. He warned them about the magical crossbow traps at the front door. Boiler was ready to run, but since the group treated him fairly again, he gave them his magical Wildrunner boots, and ran off on foot.

Wimpy sent his artificer servant down to turn off the traps, since the servant was mechanical. It went a short distance into the darkness and signaled it had found the controls…then Wimpy felt it being beat to pieces. The turrets shut down, just as Wimpy felt his life force flow away as his construct died.

What killed the construct? Five zombies who lurched out of the darkness! They were no match for the party, but their scratches and assaults cost some health. Now, the party has patched their wounds, and sets off to find Righteous Pillar. They’ve heard stories of a plot to occupy Thronehold and remove the only neutral ground of the Five Nations, surely plunging Eberron back into a century-long war.

The warforged were built for war, and peace only brings them discomfort. Is there a place for the warforged in a world without war?

Treasure: Wildrunners
Level 4 Uncommon
Crafted from the skins of wild plains animals, these boots lend you extraordinary speed.
Price: 840 gp
Item Slot: Feet
Property: When you run, move your speed + 4 instead of speed + 2.
Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you run. Enemies do not gain combat advantage against you.

1: Noise Complaint

Five out-of-work heroes gathered at Garrick’s Guards for Hire in the Cogs of Sharn. Looking for a way to get them out of his hair, Garrick sent them on an errand to quiet his noisy upstairs neighbor.
The upstairs neighbor was a warforged tinkerer, Boiler. They dealt with his constructs, and discovered an alchemical explosive under a table, which detonated, blowing a hole in the floor of the lab and the roof of Garrick’s guild hall.
Enraged, Garrick demanded that the group finish the job by figuring out who Boiler was working with and finding who was really responsible for the hole in his roof. After it became clear that Garrick wouldn’t part with any further gold for the task, they went out into Sharn.
Investigation led them to a buried furnace room beneath a weaponsmith’s. There, they confronted a fiery warforged in the heat of the enraged furnace, as well as scurrying kruthik young gnawing at them. Finally quieting the warforged and the furnace, they found incomplete experiments in flame weaponry, as well as carts designed for moving finished pieces somewhere – most likely out of the city.
They’ve stumbled across two powerful pieces of siege equipment, but aren’t any closer to learning who is organizing this, or what they’re planning to do with it.

Harp of Deeper Slumber (level 3): Causes massive drowsiness for a few seconds.
43 GP from the elemental in the bakery.

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